Both for Mobile Phones & Tablets
together with both cell phone holder and tablet holder. You can change adapter to meet what your needs. Universal mobile phone stand, compatible with all size of phones from 2.2 inches (minimum) to 3.34 inches (maximum) Wide. iPad stand holder will compatible with all size of tablet from 4.72 to 7.48 inches (maximum) wide.

Transformable & Portable
Unlike other lazy phone holder on the market, our holder is a sort of DIY gadget that is not only well made, but works amazingly, as long as you can get your imagination going to make the most of it.
Flexible goose neck develops user's creativity to form any shape you wish to stand your phone in. Perfect for outdoor activities, you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Ergonomic Design
Composed of base mount and aluminium magnesium tube, its design complies with ergonomic principle. Provide proper distance between user's eyes and smart phone when hanging on user's neck to avoid glares and neck strain.

Endless Versatility
Strap it around your neck, use it as a live-streaming/selfie stick, put it on the desk, ground or kitchen counter, wrap it around your car steering wheel, bicycle handle bar or workout equipment, just to name a few. Whatever way you use it, the stand is the accessory every smartphone needs.

What you get in package?
B-Land cell phone holder adapter * 1
B-Land tablet holder adapter * 1
B-Land gooseneck arm * 1

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